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United by our passion for cooking, Fair Kitchens believes that every Chef and Cook should be able to feel proud to be themselves in a safe, encouraging and positive kitchen. We encourage our kitchens to be safe spaces for conversation, inclusivity and equality for every Chef.

This pride month, we want to inspire our Chefs to be proud of who they are and encourage every kitchen to learn more about how to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ individuals. We believe in human rights, and that means talking about important issues so that we can bring on change.

Being proud to be yourself means feeling accepted for who you are. It means embracing what makes you unique and being included in every conversation, both inside and outside the kitchen.

The environment in which you work plays an important role in how comfortable or included you feel. This is an issue many people from the LGBTQI+ community face on a daily basis, and we want to try change that. 

United by our passion for cooking


Fair Kitchens is showing our support with an eye-opening ‘Did You Know’ series of helpful and educational videos that make learning about the LQBTQI+ community accessible to all our Chefs, so that we can learn together.

In these videos you will learn the basics of understanding the LGBTQI+ community including how to use appropriate language and pronouns, how to be a good ally and the importance of educating yourself for your fellow Chefs and the Chefs of our future. 


Our support goes beyond the kitchen. For any Chef facing prejudice or discrimination in an unfair working environment, we are here to help you with our Helpline

Open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, our Helpline offers free telephonic counselling to every Chef and professional in the foodservice industry. With nation-wide referrals to mental health professionals and resources, we can help you with any question, concern or problem you might have.

Call 0800006333


  • All calls are confidential and call backs can be arranged to suit your availability.
  • Counsellors offer practical solutions on how to better manage your mental health.
  • We provide useful self-help tips and tools.
  • We offer crisis intervention where counsellors can provide emergency intervention and case management which might entail ambulance services, hospitalisations or police and check in/follow up calls.
  • We provide you with access to various online resources and apps as well as information.
  • Get support from Support Groups which offer a safe place for people living with mental health illnesses to share, network, connect and provide information on how they cope each day.

We look forward to learning and growing with each of our Chefs to make our kitchens safe, supportive and inclusive spaces so that every chef is able to feel proud to be themselves.