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You have heard this phrase “The New Normal” everywhere in the past few months. But there is a good reason for that, because nothing is the same, and it is no different in our industry.

The “New Normal” means a few things:
Guests and diners are going to spend more time at home, even though local establishments are opened or reopening.

  • New levels of hygiene and cleanliness are required.
  • Smaller or limited booking capacity to maintain social distancing.

So that’s why we must ask what is the new normal for our occasions that help keep us running? We’ve put together some practical ideas on how to rethink some occasions in your establishment.

Takeaway as an Occasion

We know there are some key events in your calendar coming up that will not be the same as before, from Father’s Day to Valentine’s Day. Why not recreate your signature experience in a takeaway box. From 3 course meals to wines to pair – you can create an experience in a box.

The Atlantic’s high tea hamper can be ordered for a Saturday delivery. Delectable savouries include refined mini sandwiches, luxe sausage rolls, and crispy filo parcels. Petit desserts also have plenty of wow factor. Who can resist those red velvet lamingtons with lemon cheesecake frosting? Upgrade to include one (or two) bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

Don’t forget to give something a little extra and unexpected like a personalised thank-you card or spa voucher to use on a future visit.

Exclusive Dine-In Experiences

You may have less seats to fill but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience better for your diners and still maximise profits. Consider creating dining-in experiences that are unique and personalised. This creates digital share of voice and gives you and your establishment a creative selling point when it comes to occasions like New Year’s Eve and Mother’s Day Morning or High Tea.

Worried about bookings that are no shows? Consider taking up small deposits to ensure diners arrive and you don’t turn away real business.

DIY Kits

During the lockdown, many people started taking up DIY hobbies – and cooking was no exception. Why not make your signature dishes, cocktails and occasions interactive?

Build kits with ingredients and pre-made elements with accompanying recipes either printed or scannable by a QR code.

The future of hospitality and the occasions we rely on isn’t gone, it’s just different and as always, an opportunity to delight in new and exciting ways. So, get creative!