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People all over the world are crazy for craft. It’s such a big food trend that many industry observers see it more as a food revolution. Worldwide, studies have been conducted to gauge people’s preferences for craft food; known as artisanal food. Here are just a few of the results:

  • In the USA, a Deloitte Shopper Survey found that 33% of consumers were willing to pay significantly more for the craft versions of products.
  • An Australian study revealed that consumers are willing to pay a premium (up to 40%) more for products that have an authentic story about their production.


It’s because your patrons like that you are thinking out the box and putting your own touch to a standard offering. It’s food that’s unique and different, which appeals to diners.



You are already passionate about what you do. You're creative and business-minded, and even though it's hard work, you love what you do. You are an artisan − the trick is to turn the ideals of craft into something that will make business sense to you.


  • Craft your menu to embrace the craft trend.
  • Craft unique and different side dishes that will add an innovative twist to classic dishes.
  • Plate your food in unusual ways that will delight your diners.

Remember, adding a touch of craft to your offering means innovating on the traditional. It means using your passion and creativity to offer your diners unusual and exotic flavours that will enliven and entice the palate. Let's get crafting!