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An added stress can be that some stains need to be pre-treated but that becomes difficult to do during long busy service hours. The longer a stain sits, the harder it can be to remove, and aggressive treatment may end up damaging a surface.

Let tough stain removal be a problem of the past with these handy tips and tricks. Here are a few products and methods to effectively remove stains in different areas of your establishment. 

Handy Andy Kitchen Degreaser
Floors: Create A Positive First Impression

The state of your floors impacts how hygienic your restaurant appears. Shoe prints, grease and general dirt can give your customers a negative impression about your cleanliness and standards. Floors require daily cleaning to maintain a clean environment, so it is important to mop up spills to prevent any stains. Handy Andy Kitchen Degreaser is designed to remove deposits of grease and oil-based soils that can accumulate on floors. The quick-drying formula leaves your floor squeaky clean without any sticky feeling.

Handy Andy Multipurpose Cream and Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid
Kitchen: Clean Stubborn Grease

When washing dishes by hand, cleaning food residue and grease from a large volume of dishes can be a tedious task. With the right cleaning products, you can reduce the time and effort you spend cleaning kitchen utensils and dishes. Wash frequently used utensils thoroughly to remove stubborn food and oil stains. Handy Andy Multipurpose Cream easily wipes away stains while Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid removes tough grease thoroughly from kitchen utensils, without leaving any residue. 

Domestos Multipurpose with Bleach
Restroom: Remove Toilet Stains

Is your toilet bowl looking a bit rusty and beginning to stain? Most toilet bowls are made of porcelain, which is prone to picking up stubborn stains. The discoloured rings around the rims of toilet bowls and urine stains on toilet seats can put off customers, leaving a bad impression of your restaurant. Use Domestos Multipurpose with Bleach to kill 99.9% off germs and effectively clean stubborn stains. Both your customers and staff will thank you for an effortless, clean toilet!

Restroom: Remove Toilet Stains
Surfaces: Create A Clean And Safe Space

To create a clean and safe space for your staff and customers, food residue on tables, dirt on countertops and grease on kitchen workspaces need to be effectively cleaned and disinfected. Multi-purpose cleaning products make the job quick and easy. A quick spray of Handy Andy Multi-Purpose Bleach kills 99.9% of germs, leaving surfaces sparkling clean and hygienic.

Making a positive first impression is a crucial part of creating a successful establishment. A restaurant that is stain-free and clean, and seems well maintained and inviting to your customers, will keep them coming back.