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Food safety and the general safety of your staff and diners are the most important parts of running an establishment, and the hospitality business at large. And it all starts with an amazing cleaning routine.

Every establishment has a cleaning schedule but now commercial kitchens and establishments must go above and beyond their daily cleaning schedules.

It’s important to have not only a regular cleaning regime but implement a deep cleaning schedule as well – to ensure that even hidden corners are kept hygienic and disinfected.

Regular cleaning is what your staff are doing daily

Regular cleaning is what your staff are doing daily, before, during and after each service or whenever is required. Examples of regular cleaning include disinfecting tables, countertops, and washing of cooking pans and pots as well as diners’ dishes and utensils.

What makes deep cleaning different is it requires more effort and attention from your cleaning staff. Deep cleaning should be done on a weekly basis to ensure food safety and remove any potential cross contamination.

Get started on your deep clean
  • Grease traps.
  • Kitchen hoods and exhaust fans.
  • Kitchen walls, ceilings and floor.
  • Kitchen appliances and equipment (including surfaces behind and underneath them).
  • Sinks, countertops and other work surfaces.
  • Refrigerators and other storage areas (internal and external surfaces).
How often should you deep clean

Once a week. This keeps your establishment and kitchen environment clean but more importantly your staff and diners safe

How to deep clean efficiently

Like any other cleaning routines, deep cleaning can be done quickly, efficiently and safely. It is important to make sure that in spaces where food is prepped, cooked or stored, you and your team know what cleaning products and their ingredients are being used. 

Deep clean is not as difficult as you think

If you have no idea how to kickstart your kitchen’s deep cleaning, let us help you by recommending some trustworthy Unilever Professional products that will serve the majority of your deep cleaning needs:

Handy Andy Multipurpose with Bleach

Handy Andy Multipurpose with Bleach is the perfect all-purpose cleaner removing 100% of dirt and 99.9% of germs from all the high-contact areas in your business with ease. 

It effectively eliminates the hassle of waiting for cleaned surfaces to dry. Cleaning nooks and crannies like the tight spaces behind kitchen equipment or kitchen hoods will be easier than ever. 

Handy Andy Kitchen Degreaser

Handy Andy Kitchen Degreaser is fast acting and highly effective on daily kitchen dirt, degreasing quickly and easily, leaving surfaces sparkling clean

It is safe to use on most washable surfaces, which translates into cleaning cost-savings if the majority of your kitchen surfaces are compatible with this multi-surface product.

Handy Andy Window & Glass Cleaner

Handy Andy Window & Glass Cleaner cleans glass, mirrors and stainless-steel surfaces for a streak-free shine without adding fragrances to the air your employees and customers are breathing in your restaurant. 

With a wide range of professional cleaning products, Unilever Professional can help you cover all your different cleaning needs in a commercial kitchen while bringing a smile to your employees and customer.