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One thing seems to be clear: there will be no quick return to normality. Social distancing and security measures will remain with us for months to come. That leaves us with a very important question: What needs to be changed in the hospitality industry to meet the increased safety needs of our guests and diners?

By adding Unilever Professional to our team, we aim to answer that question, by helping to improve the hospitality industry hygiene norms, to ensure both hotel guests and employees are confident in the cleanliness and safety of establishments.

As a restaurant and hospitality operator, you know and value that everything in your operation must be kept ‘clean’. But, in our current environment, it is important that we adjust our standard operating procedures to include other key areas of the establishment and add more sanitation processes.

To successfully implement the new procedures, the terminology used needs to be properly understood: Cleaning is the removal of dirt, dust and debris from surfaces while sanitising on the other hand reduces pathogens on surfaces.

Below are practical guides to make sure you are taking all the extra precautions when cleaning in order to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.


General Cleaning

No matter what your establishment does, our general guide has practical cleaning advice to help.

Professional Cleaning Guide for Businesses

Professional Cleaning Guide for Businesses

With hygiene now at the core of business, these tips will help you in all areas.



A spotless floor is an expectation – make sure you meet it with this guide.

Cleaning Guide for Floors

Cleaning Guide for Floors

Your guide to ensuring your floors are clean and hygienic every day.



Bathrooms have always been a tension area when it comes to cleaning, maybe even more so now when we consider that Coronavirus lives on surfaces from a few hours to days.

Cleaning Guide for Bathrooms

Cleaning Guide for Bathrooms

This guide will leave your bathrooms spotless and hygienic from floor to mirrors and more.



From the kitchen to the table, every step in the preparation process is a chance to add great taste – and potential contamination. Use these guides to help you clean efficiently.

Cleaning Guide for Food Preparation

Cleaning Guide for Food Preparation

In the current environment, it is important to adjust your standard operating procedure to include the sanitisation of ALL-CONTACT SURFACES both front-of-house and back-of-house, not just food-contact surfaces.


Cleaning Guide for Dishwashing

Cleaning Guide for Dishwashing

For every delicious plate served is a new dirty dish. Make dishwashing easier with this guide.



Having clean laundry, aprons and linen is carried out as "invisible work" but presents its own issues from tough stains to prolonging fabric life.

Laundry Cleaning Guide

Laundry Cleaning Guide

From stubborn stains to keeping the washing machines clean, this guide has you covered.


Your diners’ experience revolves around the table – let’s make sure it is clean and hygienic.

Cleaning Guide for tables

Table Cleaning Guide

Everything you need to know about keeping your tables clean with some handy pro-tips.