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Today, our diets are arguably the most monotonous they’ve been in human history. And it’s not good for our health or our planet: food security, optimal nutrition and biodiversity are threatened by the lack of diversity in our diets. Take these statistics for example. In the world:

Of these varieties, humans use only just a few. Modern day eating has fallen short.

Our global food supply is under threat from climate change and our over-reliance on a handful of species. Our dependence on limited species of food increases our vulnerability.

These conditions have forged a generation of diners and Chefs determined to serve the world better.

Knorr Professional enables Chefs to make that change.

Our solution is to provide Chefs with ideas, products and techniques that allow for diversity and better ways to cook. Better for your kitchen and the world we share.


Our goal is to inspire you to seek new ingredients and cook progressively and with more vegetarian and vegan options. This will lead to more exciting plates, wider crop variety and a more sustainable food future.