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That’s why we’ve given Knorr Professional Mash Flakes a whole new look. Although the box looks different, it’s still the same great mash you know and love. Introducing our new-look Knorr Professional Mash Flakes.

Here’s what our new packaging looks like!

Why Chefs Love Knorr Professional Mash Flakes:

  • Save time: you can make great mash in just 5 minutes.
  • High yield: it’s got the equivalent of 60 potatoes in 1 box.*
  • Close to scratch: made with 99% potatoes.
  • Sustainably grown potatoes.
  • Authentic and natural: no artifical colourants, preservatives or MSG added.
  • Versatile: Can be used in many applications, from churros to pizza!
  • Appeals to all diners: gluten free and vegan-friendly (if made with water). Also suitable for a low-sodium diet.
  • Traceable – know exactly where your mash comes from.
  • Customers will enjoy a natural potato taste.
  • Ideal for thickening soups and stews.
  • Flavour it your way with herbs and spices.
  • No lumps – smooth, consistent texture!
  • Reduce wastage!
  1. We source and harvest sustainably grown potatoes.
  2. Our potatoes are peeled and cleaned with care.
  3. Now it’s cutting and cooking time!
  4. Once our potatoes are mashed, we dry them, box them and send them straight to you!

Get your new-look Knorr Professional Mash Flakes today!

* Based on a 250 g potato.