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Our new Robertsons Thai Red Curry, Robertsons Indian Spicy Lentil Dhal, and our Knorr Brown Sauce and Knorr White Sauce – which have a new look– are quick and easy to make and because they are pre-portioned sachet meal solutions which will help you with cost and portion control.

Impress your customers with exciting world cuisine.

  • Saves you time: quick and easy to make.
  • Guarantees consistent flavour.
  • Pre-portioned sachet meal solutions, for portion and cost control.
  • Trusted Robertsons and Knorr quality.
  • Spices are sustainably sourced*, non-irradiated**, vegan friendly and have no MSG added.

* Please see ingredient statement for a list of sustainably-sourced spices.
** Refers only to herbs and spices used within products.