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Chicken is South Africa's favourite food … so get your flocks ready as we bring you a delicious edition packed with recipes that will help you keep serving leading flavour. Let's get tasty with a chicken revolution your customers will never forget as we serve up the dishes your customers know, want and love to enjoy.

South Africans and chicken go together like a knife and fork! It's the taste, it's the flavour, it's the smell!

re:fresh is here to help make sure your customers keep coming back for your chicken dishes day after day. How, you ask? Well, we have looked back, we have looked ahead, taking your most popular chicken dishes and adding new twists on flavours, keeping your dishes the trendiest, the best and the tastiest – all of this for your customers' ultimate enjoyment.

Let the chicken revolution begin for a memorable tasty evolution, don't hold back, not now, it's time to re:fresh!


  • The average South African eats 37 kg of chicken a year*
  • 60% of all meat consumed in South Africa is chicken*
  • South Africa is the 11th largest consumer of chicken worldwide*

    *References available on request.