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A menu’s success depends on the time available, skills and equipment in the kitchen. Careful planning is key to maximizing profit during prep.
1.	Be smart about over-production

1. Be smart about over-production

Avoid the temptation of exceeding normal stock levels and overdoing the mise en place, even when you have spare time. This leads to wasted stock and effort. Use the mise en place planning sheet to control the number of ingredients used in prep.

2.	Work with standard restaurant recipe cards

2. Work with standard restaurant recipe cards

Introducing standard restaurant recipe cards has three benefits:

  1. Consistency across your menu
  2. More efficient staff training
  3. Cost analysis
  4. Standard quality that guests come to expect

A standard restaurant recipe card includes:

  • Specific ingredients with purchasing and storage information
  • Costs of ingredients and the card price calculations
  • Dietary, allergen and nutrition information
  • Quantities
  • Ingredients grouped by sub items
  • Cooking method(s) per ingredient group (i.e. dicing or tempering)
  • Preparation steps
  • Cooking temperatures
  • Image for presentation/garnish (optional)
  • Food matching (optional)
  • Plate portioning

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3. Manage HACCP

3. Manage HACCP

Managing the critical control points ensures food is stored, cooked and held at safe temperatures so that food is not only safe to eat but helps to reduce food waste in restaurants. Train your kitchen Staff what HACCP is, why it’s important and make them aware of the costs they will waste if not managed properly.

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4. Most Importantly, train your Staff!

4. Most Importantly, train your Staff!

A menu’s success depends on the skills of the kitchen team and their equipment. Are they able to carry out what is on the menu? Our UFS Academy courses help your team brush up on the skills they need to prevent waste during prep:

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