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1. What is African Cuisine

Cultural cuisine is largely inspired by geographical location on the African continent and what is available in terms of produce. Our chefs share their insights about the regional spices used in Moroccan cuisine, Nigerian cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine and South African cultural dishes and also unpack the various African cooking techniques used in the different countries.

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2. Key Ingredients

Learn more about the key ingredients used in authentic African cuisine. Did you know that Berbere spice mix is an essential ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine, or that Ras el hanout is used for cooking traditional Moroccan dishes? In this video, our chefs explain why regional spices play such a big role in African cuisine. They also give the lowdown on the key ingredients you should source when creating your African cultural cuisine menu.

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3. Misconceptions about African Cuisine

Did you know that authentic African cuisine is mostly sugar and gluten-free and there are numerous tasty options for vegan African dishes? Chefs use a variety of regional spices for flavour, but not all dishes are hot and spicy. African cooking techniques aren't complicated and don't need special ingredients or utensils... Learn more about the various misconceptions around African cuisine by watching this free online chef training video.

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