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Strawberry Gin Syrup:

  • Gin (can be replaced with lemon flavoured water) 120.0 ml
  • Water 60.0 ml
  • CARTE D'OR Strawberry Flavour Sauce 120.0 ml


  • Strawberry gin syrup 10.0 ml
  • 2 Boxes Boudoir biscuits
  • Water 250.0 ml
  • Cocoa powder (for dusting)
  • Cream 750.0 ml
  1. Strawberry Gin Syrup:

    • Mix all ingredients together well.
  2. Tiramisu:

    • Pour the cream and water into a mixing bowl.
    • Add the Carte D’Or Tiramisu, then the strawberry gin syrup and mix on medium speed until soft peaks form. Pour or pipe the mixture into individual clear glasses.
    • Dip biscuits in the strawberry gin syrup and stick into the tiramisu mixture (repeat until biscuits are finished).
    • Dust with cocoa and garnish with a strawberry slice (halved or quartered strawberries can also work well).
  3. Master Tip:

    • Mix things up by replacing the strawberry in the syrup with orange, for an orange flavoured tiramisu. If you use alcohol, make sure to let your customers know.