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Grilled Salmon Trout with Grapefruit and Dill

Golden Braai Meilies

Vegetable Kebabs

Lemon Butter Sauce

Sweet potato Boerewors Boats

Cheesy Braai Muffins

Grapefruit, garlic and dill stuffed grilled Salmon Trout served with Golden Braai Mealies, Vegetable Skewers, Sweet potato Boerewors Boats, Cheesy Braai Muffins and laced with lemon Butter Sauce.



  1. Grilled Salmon Trout with Grapefruit and Dill

    • If the salmon Trout isn’t open already, carefully make a cut into belly of the salmon and clean out the cavity so you have a decent size pocket most of the way down the salmon to stuff. Then make slits in the skin about ½ cm deep and 2cm apart on both sides of the salmon.
    • In a small bowl mix the minced garlic and Dill then stuff the salmon with the garlic and dill mixture, then the slices of grapefruit and then the sprigs of thyme.
    • Drizzle melted butter onto the Salmon and SprinkleRobertson’s Lemon and Herb seasoning.
    • Tie the salmon at 5cm intervals with kitchen twine and place diagonally on.
    • Foil, shiny side up and cook over braai until firm to the touch
  2. Golden Braai Meilies

    • Mix butter, coriander and Robertson’s Paprika together. Return to the fridge to chill.
    • Pull the skins of the mealies back. Rub the 4 mealies with the extra butter and then braai over medium to hot coals turning Frequently until cooked.
    • Cut the braaied mealies in half.
  3. Vegetable Kebabs

    • Combine all the cut vegetables then pour over the olive oil and sprinkle someRobertson’s Veggie Seasoning.
    • Thread vegetables on skewers.
    • Grill on heated Braai and keep turning until cooked.
  4. Lemon Butter Sauce

    • In a sauce Pan melt the butter and addRobertson’s Lemon and Herb Dry Marinade, stir until combined.
    • Add cream and bring to boil. Reduce to about half the Quantity or until it thickens.
  5. Sweet potato Boerewors Boats

    • Cut the sweet potato lengthways in half and wrap in foil. Bake in the coals until tender enough to scoop out of the flesh with a spoon.
    • Remove some of the flesh, taking care to leave enough of it in the peel to retain a firm shape.
    • Squeeze out the meat from the casing and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Add the sweet potato flesh and mix. Fill the hollowed out of the sweet potatoes with the Boerewors mixture and wrap tightly in a 2 layer of foil. Bake on a grid over hot coals for 20 minutes (Turning halfway through) until the meat is cooked through.
  6. Cheesy Braai Muffins

    • Preheat oven to 180˚c.
    • In a bowl mix together all the ingredients, reserving a little grated cheese.
    • Spoon the dough into greased muffin pans, top with reserved cheese.
    • Bake for about ±20 Minutes at 180°C or until golden and cooked through.