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  • Fresh cream 250.0 ml
  • Milk Chocolate 50.0 g

A deliciously colourful dessert classic! Carte D’Or Greengage Jelly combined with a medley of fruits and Madeira cake cubes and topped with Carte D’Or Custard and whipped cream for a decadent finish. Garnish with fruit or chocolate to give it extra appeal!



  1. Method:

    1. Make up the Carte D’Or Strawberry Jelly and cool. 
    2. Make up the Carte D’Or Greengage jelly and cool down completely. 
    3. Make the Carte D’Or Custard as per pack instructions and set aside to cool down, cover with cling wrap so a skin does not form and refrigerate. 
    4. Divide the Madeira cake cubes in half and place into the bottom of each dessert container x10. 
    5. Drain off the syrup from the fruit cocktail. Add a few pieces of fruit cocktail into each container. 
    6. Pour 100ml of strawberry jelly into each container. 
    7. Allow to set completely. 
    8. Start the next layer, add the remaining Madeira cake cubes onto the set strawberry jelly. 
    9. Add the other half of the fruit cocktail pieces. 
    10. Pour over about 100ml greengage jelly into each container and allow to set in the fridge. 
    11. Once the jelly has set, top with cold custard and whipped cream. 
  2. Garnish:

    1. Decorate with chocolate shavings. 
  3. Chefs tip:

    Delicious cold celebration dessert, can add some sherry to the jelly for a cheerful delight.