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  1. Preparation:

    • Pour the cold milk into a mixing bowl then add the Carte D’Or Chocolate Mousse powder and the Carte D’Or ChocolateInstant Dessert powder.
    • Using an electric beater, whisk for 1 min on low speed, then on high speed for 3 min. Set aside in a piping bag.
    • Place 4 individual serving glass ( depends on size), and place two brownie cubes against the sides of the glass (visibility), then pipe the chocolate mixture in between the brownie cubes. Repeat the process, alternating the brownies and the chocolate mixture until the shotglass is filled.
    • Top with a brownie cube/crumbs.
  2. Master Tip:

    • If you want to highlight the brownies, replace the chocolate mousse with white chocolate mousse. It makes for a stunning visual.