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  1. Method:

    • Add 12 Joko Rooibos teabags to a pot of boiling water, bring to boil, remove from heat and chill. Remove teabags.
    • Pour 250 ml chilled Rooibos and cream into a mixing bowl. Add the Carte d’Or Tiramisu and mix on medium speed until soft peaks form. Pour into a piping bag.
    • Dip the biscuits into the remaining Rooibos and arrange at the bottom of the dessert glass.
    • Pipe a layer of tiramisu on top of the biscuits. Layer again with biscuits and tiramisu.
    • Top with chocolate shavings.
  2. Chef's Tips:

    This dessert can also be made in a large or small glass bowl for individual servings. Ensure that the liquid is completely squeezed out from the teabags. For a stronger Rooibos flavour add more teabags.