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With a personality as big as her love for food, Sne is a formidable presence in the Chefs Who Share kitchen. Watch her showcase her love for food and share her skills in this weekly video series. Interested in getting to know more about Sne? Read on!

In my family, food has always been a thing. For me, food represents love, represents family and represents memories. In African culture we have traditional events we celebrate. My family all cater so it started with my aunt asking me to stir a pot, my mom asking me to taste something. That’s what developed my love for cooking. I also associated it with quality time with my mom, my aunt and my cousins. 

Sadly, my mom and aunt are late, but my cousins are really proud of me. At family gatherings, they always say: "Sne, you know you’re the one handling the food, right?" It's always the case! My boyfriend loves braaing, so my friends say we are the perfect team – one cooks, one braais – we're sorted! The little family I have are very happy for me!

It means a lot. Every time I share a meal, I am looking at who is drinking what, who is saying what, what music is playing... for me that’s how I create memories. When people are dining together, there is so much love, so much passion. I love it. 

Alex Guarnaschelli is a big influence. She's so forward thinking. Oh my goodness, I love her. She's phenomenal. Locally – Jenny Morris. I love her a lot. Chef Rueben too. There are quite a few actually.

You know when you’re making something and you can see it’s not going to come out properly? That stresses me out. Time management too. And when Chef Mary and Chef Craig are watching me cook – eeek!  They tell me not to worry, but I’m like: "What do you mean don’t worry? Have you seen yourselves!"

I don’t have a signature dish, but they have nicknamed me the Spice Queen. I love anything that has to do with spice. That’s my thing. Whatever I make, know that there will be spice in there! They also call me the Flavour Saviour. Kim will make something and say she doesn’t like it, and I will suggest adding something which improves it. She’ll then call me the Flavour Saviour. 

Curries. I connect them to my family. If I am in a bad place, I’ll make a curry with steamed bread. I also like infusing spice into different types of cuisine. I will look at a dish and see how I can "Sne-ify" it. I add the Sne with my spices and flavour. I call it Signature Sne!

Working with digital cooking – equipment like air fryers. I feel I have made a name for myself. People are like "Hey, digital girl!" I have burnt I don’t know how many dishes, but I have learnt a lot and I think I have done well.

Oh my word, yes! My friends hate going out with me. They hate it! They wonder why I just don’t stay at home and cook! My friends don’t even want to cook for me! Now I just keep quiet! 

He's getting there! I once called him from campus and asked him to make rice. I got home and there were two pots of rice on the stove. He told me he didn’t know how to make it, so put 5 cups of rice on. Let's just say we ate rice for 2 weeks! He’s coming along. 

A messy kitchen! Keep your stuff on your counter! I also hate it when people open my pot to smell my food or stir it. My Zulu comes out. I tell them to go away. Then they know they must leave. And I can smell it, hey. My sister would come home from school and open the pot and I could smell it. I would shout at her and tell her to stop it and she would deny she did it. But I could smell it! 

Eish. Now I am thinking of all the cute celebrities out there. Hmmm. Ryk Neethling. I like him a lot. He’s yummy looking! I would also love to cook and plate for Somizi. And tell him, here’s how you plate, babe. Ooh, also Faf du Plessis – the captain of the Proteas.