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Hotel breakfasts are, without doubt, one of the most important services you can offer. A few years ago, surveyed a thousand travellers from around the world and found that breakfast is an important consideration for guests when they book accommodation. Not only that, but people are more likely to eat breakfast at a hotel than any other meal offered. If you want to impress your guests, you’ve got to rock at breakfasts.

Here are six ideas on how to achieve this − the easy way!


1. Live cooking stations

Ah, the very best of breakfast theatre! Guests love interacting with Chefs and seeing them in action. It's exciting and special for your diners, and it also gives you way more control over portions. The benefits of live cooking stations are plentiful:

  • It takes away the need for controlling and measuring temperatures at hot food stations.
  • Guests enjoy hot food straight from the grill.
  • Guests are likely to order less from a live cooking station than they would dish up at a bain-marie.

2. Give them fewer options
We believe that less is more, that quality is better than quantity. With too much choice, we end up confusing our diners. Rather give them fewer options, but which are all brilliant alone or paired!

3. Keep replenishing!
To keep guests happy, you've got to keep replenishing your serving dishes. No one wants to eat the scrambled egg dregs, and empty bains-marie just don't reflect well on your establishment.

4. Use smaller vessels
It makes total sense to serve your meals in smaller vessels. Rather replenish more often than let food sit – it results in fresher food. Plus, guests perceive constant replenishment to be a sign of a high-quality buffet.

5. Breakfast DIY!
Give your guests the control! Offer a base of oatmeal, bagels, artisanal bread, yoghurt and cereal along with thirty or so ingredients (both savoury and sweet) they can use to flavour their bases. Think honey, fresh fruit, spices, homemade granola, nuts, dried fruit, spreads, preserves, cheeses, cold meats and vegetables.

6. Double up!
This seems like an obvious point to make, but sometimes the obvious things need to be pointed out. Watch your lines, and take note of your most popular stations. Then add duplicate stations at opposite ends of the buffet to ease traffic flow. Simple yet effective!