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With the rise in travel, Chef, it helps to offer a buff buffet variety and spread. You've got to give your Breakfast Buffet the chance to help local diners travel around the world through food, and offer international diners the taste of home. This sounds a bit budget unfriendly doesn't it? Not anymore as Trends on Plate brings you tips to take your Breakfast Buffet around the globe without moving an inch – budget pun and establishment pun intended.

1. The French Baguette 2. The Indian Naan 3. The Italian Focaccia
4. The Cuban Bread 5. The Norwegian Lefse 6. The German Bauernbrot
7. The Finnish Rye 8. The South American Arepas
(P.S. Chef – whatever bread is left over from the Breakfast Buffet can be used during your lunch or dinner service.)

1. A Parisian Croissant 2. The English Scone 3. Bombay Gulab Jamun
4. Roman Cornetto 5. Belgian Waffles 6. The Niger Caakiri

For a winning global fusion, combine these tips and tricks with in-house research on who is travelling to your hotel and who is sitting down for the Breakfast Buffet. Finish off by labelling food with countries of origin so people recognise your Breakfast Buffet claim to international variety.

Give every dish a taste of South Africa's favourite seasoning, Knorr Original Aromat, available via Webshop with Loyalty Points earned on every order made – let's spice it up for days!

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