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If you are not sourcing and using local seasonal produce, you are crazy!

More and more establishments and food outlets are turning to local farmers for simply the best in fresh favourable foods. ‘Artisan Foods’ is the new buzzword, as is ‘Going Local’. Are you? Well you could be – if you’ve got some extra space on your rooftop, or just extra garden space in general, then grow your own veggies!

This way they’re super fresh, pesticide-free and great for the planet. There’s nothing more rewarding than harvesting your own vegetables. The advantages are endless ... Local means you know where your food comes from and who grew it, and means you know a lot about it.

It has more nutrients, and you know ... seasonal always tastes better. The more steps there are between your food source, the more chances there are for contamination reharvesting, washing, shipping and distribution. Local has more nutrients because it has a shorter time between harvest and your table. The nutrient value does not decrease – and you don’t want produce that has been spending endless time sitting in distribution centres across the country, do you?

Besides which more and more customers are demanding local seasonal produce. It’s more cost-effective. It stimulates local economy – protects the environment, offers more variety, and it’s great for marketing your place. So support local and it will support you.