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When catering for your break-away guests, you can’t always predict how much food you need to prepare. This uncertainty can lead to overpreparing food that ends up being wasted, reducing your profits in the process. 

Keep your guests in-house by creating a variety of exciting dishes on the menu, and offer creative solutions while maximising profits and keeping wastage low. 

Our solutions are cost-effective and versatile, so you can give your guests the menu variety they want on a budget without the worry of wasting food. 

  • Reduce costs and prep time with versatile products.
  • Save on low staff levels with products you don’t have to make from scratch.
  • Offer menu variety and excitement that will keep your guests  in-house.
  • Avoid the worry of under or overpreparing food.
  • Deliver quality and consistency across your menu.

Whether you’re making a traditional cottage pie or this exciting Perfecto Potato Flapjacks recipe for the kids on holiday, our solutions are here to help you plan your menu for success by reducing wastage and improving your profits.