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Protect your food costs even when providing budget meals by maximising ingredients in your pantry to meet the demands of large and last-minute bookings.

Our versatile solutions help you deliver on quality, price and menu variety while meeting your occupancy levels without overpreparing and wasting food.

  • Plan and scale your menu to meet your yield and budget requirements.
  • Save on costs and maximise your guests’ budget.
  • Deliver on quality, price, and menu variety for repeat customers.
  • More profits due to no wastage on food, ingredients, time, and staff shortages.
  • Produce high yields with fewer ingredients.

A great way to maximise your guests’ budget is by serving elevated cocktail snacks. Try these delicious Chorizo Mashed Potato Balls with Jalapeno that kick your menu up a notch while keeping your food wastage low and your profits high! 

Chorizo Mashed Potato Balls with Jalapeno