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It’s no secret that in the hospitality industry, training and improving skill sets is of the utmost importance. Nowadays there are so many different dining experiences available, from fine dining experiences, high street restaurants, to grab-and-go eateries, covering all sorts of traditional and fusion cuisines. And your commercial kitchen needs to be constantly testing and trying new menu items.

To keep your in-house restaurant competitive, you need a staff that is constantly learning new kitchen skills. That is why the UFS Academy App is the right training solution for you. With a click of a button get access to 100’s of training videos - all under 2 minutes long - filmed with expert Chefs around the world.

As a progressive Chef, you want to ensure your team is on top of new skills and trends. That is why the UFS Academy App’s feature, Manage My Team is a must! Start guiding your team’s learning with the paid Manage My Team feature. Simply select and assign new courses and start tracking their individual progress. These unique features don’t stop there; Manage My Team is available for up to 40 team members!

This dynamic App is free to download on Google Play and the iStore. As an added FREE feature, the certificates that come with completed courses are endorsed by the South African Chefs Association.

So, if you are just starting out in a hotel and need to build stronger kitchen skills in your team, or a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your own skills, the UFS Academy App’s team of industry professionals are waiting to share hints, tips and tricks you can use right now. There are classes for every skill level.

So what are you waiting for? New techniques and Chef skills are at your fingertips.