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 Anton van der Westhuizen

Anton van der Westhuizen

Owner, The NOB


Big, juicy and messy! That’s Anton van der Westhuizen’s take on the perfect burger. Anton owns an events company, and the NOB Mobile Café in Cape Town. His awesome team caters for private functions, festivals and everything in between. Anton and his team keep things simple with only five burgers on the menu. This way they get to build them to perfection.  

Anton got our taste buds excited with a flat grilled beef burger complete with lettuce, tomato, onion, melted cheese, crunchy bacon and you guessed it, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

He believes that superior burgers are made from the authentic, creamy taste of Hellmann’s. “Its subtle flavour complements the flavours of the burger”. Anton’s passion in life is to bring more happiness into the world. We believe his burgers do just that!

Josh Cherry

Josh Cherry

Owner, BGR


Looking for a fast, casual dining experience in Jozi? Meet Josh Cherry, a qualified American engineer who’s showing SA his perfectly designed American burger. His menu is small, but the taste is big. He’s got burgers, fries, shakes and homemade ice cream.

Josh’s three elements of success are strong internal collaboration, excellent service and quality ingredients.

He’s using his engineering chops to enhance the burgermaking process. You should see his equipment! He believes that the patty is the star of the show – the other ingredients and buns are the supporting act. His free-range grass-fed beef patties will soon be the first certified in South Africa.

“Hellmann’s Mayonnaise enhances the richness of the patty making it feel and taste luxurious.” At the end of the day the mayo is key to the success of his American burgers. Josh feels that burgers are created to be a little moment of celebration and says they are best when you eat with company.