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There’s nothing like the crispy crunch of a perfectly fried meal – whether it’s delicious battered hake or golden-brown chips. We’ll make sure your staff dish up the perfect results every time.

  • Look after your oil - take good care of your oil by keeping it away from water and extreme temperatures and storing it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep your fryer clean – oil lasts longer in a clean fryer. Clean your fryer regularly and remove all traces of soap or detergent.
  • Oil should be filtered after use otherwise remaining food particles will burn when the oil heat rises, which will spoil the appearance and flavour of foods.
  • Check the oil temperature - if oil is too hot, food will have a raw or uncooked centre and the oil life is shortened. If the oil is too cold, food becomes greasy and the oil will be wasted. 
  • Skim the oil surface – regular skimming of food particles keeps oil clean and the flavour fresh.
  • Dry foods thoroughly before frying, otherwise they will splatter and cause burns.
  • Keep your oil level at half-full - topping up with fresh, clean oil daily improves the frying life of the oil. 
  • Never overload the fryer with food as the temperature is drastically reduced and food will become soggy and greasy.
  • Carefully place food in the fryer away from you to avoid being splashed and burnt.
  • Have a frying basket on hand in case the food needs to be lifted from the fryer quickly.
  • Ensure that the correct fire prevention equipment is on hand and that your team is familiar with fire drill procedure.
  • Always keep sleeves rolled down when using fryers.
  • Test the used oil with oil strips or other approved testing methods then change the oil when necessary.