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It’s essential that you plan, prepare and navigate every recipe on your menu accurately – if not, mistakes will be made, your portion cost could be inaccurate, food wastage will increase and the taste balance of the dish will be off, which could lead to dissatisfied customers and affect your business.

Read through the recipe and ensure you have all the ingredients you need in stock – it’s too late to place an order when you’ve already started cooking!

Before you begin to cook, collect all your raw ingredients together to make them easily accessible. If you’re really organised you’ll have any dicing, chopping and garnish preparation done ahead of time (as part of your team’s kitchen prep or mise en place).

Measure all ingredients out accurately according to the recipe. Inaccurate measurements can affect the taste of the dish and your food costs.

Next, you need to prepare the raw ingredients. For example, grate the cheese and slice the tomatoes.

Now you can start to cook the meal as the recipe’s method states.