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It’s time to warm up your profits and plan your winter menu for success with hearty and nutritious meals! 

This winter, keep your customers happy, healthy, and satisfied with a diverse and delicious menu that keeps your costs low, saves time, and reduces wastage

No matter who you are catering for, our Winter Warmers will extend your menu with hearty and nutritious meals that meet your customers’ religious, nutritious, and allergy needs.

Let’s show you how! 

Soups for the Soul

Your students need balanced meals that fuel them throughout the school day and their sporting activities. 

Our Winter Warmers are versatile and ready-to-use, so you can prepare them in bulk or make them as you need. They’re convenient and quick, with consistent flavour, so you can easily change up your menu to keep school meals exciting and nutritious every day. 


Your hospital customers rely on healthy and nutritious meals to support their health and recovery. 

Our versatile solutions offer your customers dishes packed with nutrients, flavour, and warmth! PLUS, save on time and extend your menu while making bulk to meet your catering numbers.

Social Catering

Whether you’re catering to a work event of 50 people or a wedding of 500 people, keep your customers happy, healthy, and satisfied with a diverse and exciting menu. 

Extend your menu with fewer ingredients that deliver consistent and convenient bases to add your unique touch! Our Winter Warmers can be prepared in advance or made as you need to meet your catering numbers and reduce wastage.