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We’re boldly going where no man has gone before. Armed only with a cellphone, our Chefs on the Grill team is venturing behind the pass in some of the most dangerous kitchens in the country. We want to get in the faces, inside the heads and under the skins of top chefs with some really nosey, prying, personal questions that will tell you more about what makes them tick (or explode) than you ever knew before!

It’s a tough assignment that’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, but we’re happy to put our lives on the line for you!


He may have won South Africa’s Ultimate Braai Master title, but this is a whole new slab of sirloin. Chef Stephen Mandes of Mondiall is on the Grill. 


Chef Calvin's on the Grill in Greenpoint, watch what happens at Café Extrablatt.


Kommetjie or Muizenberg? Whatís Chef Dylan's favourite surf spot in Cape Town. We get the low-down. 


Q&A at the V&A with Chef Jamie of Karibu, our first Cape Town Chef on the Grill 


The sushi bar is no escape from the Chefs on the Grill team. Watch Chef Hamilton’s raw Grilling here.   


So, Sous us! Watch us grill Chef Sbo to a CRISP!  


Do the Grill team strike terror into the heart of the Junior Chef of the Year 2017 winner? Find out here.


Challenge accepted! Chef Douglas was put on the Grill by his Exec. Chef Matthew. See how he handles it.


It’s time to put Exec Chef Matthew on the Grill. Why IS the Summer Place be his happy place? 


We teed up Durban Country Club’s Chef Xanthos for a Greek-style grilling!


(Cue Jaws music) We venture into deep, dangerous waters at uShaka Marine World to grill Exec Chef Warren in his own tank.


As an award-winning chef Kayla-Ann certainly knows her way round the kitchen, but can she handle the Grill (and where does she stand on Crocs?)


What’s the weirdest thing Chef Deon has ever cooked?


Jagermeister or Tequila? We ask Chef Blake the serious questions!


Chef Chesley has taken up his Chefs on the Grill Challenge!


Who’s the most famous person Chef Kenny has ever cooked for?