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The Art of Seductive Nutrition

Guests want a holistic food experience- healthier options on menus coupled with great eating. However, often healthy options are second rate - less appetizing, too expensive and not very filling—taken from the World Menu Report 3.

Using the right language when describing your food is an important feature of the food industry. A study conducted with 5,000 people in 10 countries, presented people with a healthy dish described in two ways;  the first menu used a ‘neutral’ description and the second used more ‘seductive’ language. Ultimately people are far more inclined to choose the dish with the seductive food description.

When participants were asked what they thought should be done to make meals healthier, the six most popular requests were:

  • Adding plenty of vegetables
  • Lowering fat content
  • Reducing portion sizes
  • Grilling or baking
  • Using fresh ingredients
  • Lowering the calorie content

The art of seductive nutrition is using language as an added tool for putting out healthier food that people want to eat. This supports Unilever Food Solutions’ call for chefs and cooks to create dishes that are healthier, and that are described on menus in such a way that they combine taste and appeal. But chefs and cooks do not need to overhaul their menus to deliver ‘Seductive Nutrition’. Rather, diners would like to see their favourite meals adapted so that they are ‘slightly’ healthier than previously. 

Seductive Nutrition is simply serving your guests their favourite meal, but using:

Seductive Nutrition