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In a time where restaurants have switched operational focus to take-out only, we understand every restaurant is at a different place with their delivery comfort level. While some operators are pros, many restaurants are inevitably new to the delivery game and could use some helpful pointers to ensure a smooth and successful experience. We’re here to support.

Profitable Menu Tips: Best Foods for Delivery

  • Keep It Simple: Your full menu doesn’t have to be your delivery menu. A compact delivery menu means easier operations, less money spent on ingredient inventory, and quicker turn-out time back of house.
  • Bring on the food specials and blast them to diners on social media using hashtags to drum up extra business and excitement about your offerings. Make sure to post with photos to get the cravings going.
  • Consider family-style meals. Think beverage, appetizer, salad, main course and dessert. Meals that serve the whole family makes it easier for serving, and it’s less packaging waste for you.
  • Complete the meal. Suggest meal pairings, including milkshakes and desserts to boost check prices. 
  • Don’t forget add-ons and extras. Offer avocado, additional sides or extra protein, cheese, sauce, etc. These are quick and easy ways to boost check averages with low food costs.
Profitable menu tips: Best foods for delivery

Operational Tips

  • Have your team create a perfect delivery order assembly team. Someone should make sure orders are checked for mistakes before they walk out the door. Your review rating will thank you later.
  • If the customer calls the order in, it’s also a good idea to read the order back to the customer to make sure everything is correct in the first place.
  • Consistently communicate with guests on social media to keep your restaurant top of mind. Take the best photos of your top items to post online in digital menus and social posts.
Food satefy: Operational Tips

Food Quality Tips

  • Think about the dishes you are offering. Do they reheat well? Will the quality be compromised during a bumpy car/motorbike ride? Adapt your menu to include these considerations.
  • Offer “heat-at-home” dishes like lasagna and provide heating instructions. These dishes can be delivered earlier in the day and reheated later which means less stress on your kitchen during busy mealtimes. Ensure that your meals are in line with the latest regulations.
  • Let fried items breathe. Use vented lids (or poke holes in your lids) to prevent trapping moisture inside the containers resulting in soggy dishes.
  • Pack pasta just under al dente to prevent it from getting mushy and overcooked.
  • For meals that are paired with dressings and sauces, pack them separately on the side.

Food Delivery Safety Tips

  • Reassure diners on food prep safety and kitchen cleanliness by sharing protocols on social media.
  • Offer contactless or cashless options - ensure safety for your guests and drivers/staff.

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Food Delivery Safety Tips