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Well trained restaurant staff help you to save money by preventing food waste, handling equipment and dishware with care, and filling in for a variety of roles, even upselling to guests. 
1.	Offer your restaurant staff training

1. Offer your restaurant staff training

Share the what’s and why’s, so staff understand what is expected of them and why it is important. When they understand why, saving costs will start to matter to them too, and they’ll be more likely to work hard at it.

Our UFS Academy Staff Onboarding Program offers free basic training for restaurant staff, which are short videos that cover everything a commis chef needs to know to work efficiently, from food safety and ingredient management to techniques and classic dishes….and it’s free. Share this with your Staff to get them started today.

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2.	Create a sense of team

2. Create a sense of team

Staff who respect their management will work more productively and efficiently. Restaurant leadership Lead by example, recognise good work and foster an environment where staff feel valued and respected.

Learn more about restaurant leadership through the 5 traits of effective TEAMS from the #FairKitchens Movement

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3.	Making them aware of the costs they help save

3. Making them aware of the costs they help save

Reduce food waste in restaurants by detailing the cost of key ingredients that commonly are wasted in storage or prep, and the cost of broken equipment or dishware. Turn the list into signage and post it in key areas of the kitchen where Staff will see it. 

Our toolkit contains posters that helps raise awareness with staff to reduce food waste in restaurants by showing them the importance of avoiding waste to save cost

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