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What is UFS Academy?

Earn certificates of completion endorsed by SA CHEFS on the UFS Academy app!


UFS Academy is a culinary portal with the latest FREE online Chef training– all filmed and created with expert Chefs from around the world and international culinary institute ICCA. Our team of industry professionals are waiting to teach you skills, tips & tricks you can use right now with carefully composed chef tutorials and chef training material. 

All content is in HD video format - so you can see exactly what the Chefs are doing. Short and sweet videos, so you can learn something new, even if you’re working a split shift. From the basics of Food Safety to advanced World Cuisines, we've got it covered. ​We tried to keep these courses under 2 minutes, so no need to worry about time. We know you have a busy schedule. Also, we are ad-free, but you need to be a registered user. We want to keep these courses for Chefs only.

Never stop learning with the UFS Academy.​


What type of training does UFS Academy offer?

Our video library covers a large variety of trainings suitable for beginners and advanced chefs. Explore over 45+ trainings:

Foundation training:

  • Basic Cooking Introduction                    
  • Practical Theory and Methods      
  • Preparation Techniques     
  • Advanced Preparation Techniques           
  • Classic Dishes

Advanced training:

  • American Cuisine    
  • Asian Cuisine              
  • European Cuisine    
  • Middle Eastern Cuisine       
  • Special Occasions   
  • Plant-based dishes  
  • Protein dishes            
  • Tea      
  • FOH / Restaurant     
  • Business Management       
  • Masterclasses - EXCLUSIVE to the UFS Academy App

You will find only our most popular trainings on our website but you can find more trainings on the UFS Academy app.

How can I get trained online and receive Certificates?

Upon completion of a UFS Academy online training, you can receice a certificate endorsed by SA Chefs. Certificates are only available in our UFS Academy app, where you can get FREE Unlimited Access to all online courses.

To get certified you will need to:

  1. Download the UFS Academy app
  2. Register for Free
  3. Watch the course of your choice and complete the course quiz
  4. If you pass the quiz, you will automatically receive by email your course completion certificate endorsed by SA Chefs.

Get Started Now:

  1. Start watching immediately a selection of free online chef training in our video library OR
  2. Download our UFS Academy app for free to unlock more exclusive training and masterclasses.