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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions and some tutorial videos for UFS Academy.

If you experience further issues, please connect with the Live Chat.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does UFS Academy training cost - All regular trainings on the website and app are FREE. You can complete a training for free. Masterclasses and the Management my Team solution are paid features on the UFS Academy App.
  2.  Are certificates available? - At this stage, certificates are only available in our UFS Academy app. Upon completion of a UFS Academy online training, you can receice a certificate endorsed by SA Chefs. 
  3. Are the courses available in other languages? - On the UFS Academy app, courses are only availble in English. On the UFS Academy site, some trainings offer subtitles in other languages. Other languages are not available for all trainings. Please watch the tutorial for the UFS Academy Site to unlock subtitles in another language.

Tutorial for UFS Academy Site

  1. How do I sign up for UFS Academy on site? - Register yourself by creating a free account on site.
  2. How do I change the language of subtitles on site? - Please watch this tutorial video:

Learn how to change the subtitle language of a video on the UFS Academy site


Tutorial for UFS Academy App

  1. How do I sign up on the UFS Academy App?  - Please download the UFS Academy app and follow the instructions from our tutorial video below.

Learn to sign up and open your account in the UFS Academy App


  1. How do I set up a team?

Learn how to set up your team on the UFS Academy App


  1.  How do I make a payment and receive invoices? 

Learn how to make a payment and receive an invoice in the UFS Academy App