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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions and some tutorial videos for UFS Academy.

If you experience further issues, please connect with the Live Chat.

About the latest UFS Academy App update version 4.0.0

  • What should you expect from the new version 4.0.0 of the UFS Academy App? The Academy App will become a global app, accessible worldwide.  For the time being, all content will be available in English
  • Why such a change? UFS Academy will support more users and Chefs around the World. Our mission is to provide you with support so that you can continue to grow professionally. That's why we want to build with you a worldwide Chef community
  • What does this mean for you?
  • For South Africa registered accounts: there won't be any change to your account or your experience
  • For accounts registered outside of South Africa: 
    • You will see an automatic update request on your Academy app Homepage. You will notice the change around early December
    • You will lose your historical data linked to your profile in the app such as course completed and your certificates
    • There will be changes to your feed: new features and more courses available
  • Get the new version of UFS Academy by logging into the app, clicking on the message on the homepage.
  • If you wish to receive your past certificates, please email us at 

For additional support: contact Our customer experience team are always ready to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the UFS Academy App and UFS Academy on the website?
    • The UFS Academy App offers a wider selection of free online chef training, exclusive paid masterclasses and a paid feature to manage your team's training. Additionally, the UFS Academy App offers free certificates endorsed by SA Chefs. All trainings in the app are available in English only.
    • UFS Academy on the site only offers a selection of free online chef training in English, and occasionally in other languages.
  • How much does UFS Academy training cost? 
    • All regular trainings on the website and app are FREE. You can complete a training for free. 
    • Masterclasses and the Management my Team solution are paid features on the UFS Academy App. If you chose to do a Masterclass, you will need to pay R199 per course.
  • Can I just complete the free training? Yes, you can.
  • Can I enroll for UFS Academy training on my own or must my employer approve? Yes, you may sign up and use UFS Academy at your discretion.
  • How long are the trainings? Various times, we offer courses that are short and 2-3 minutes and we offer webinars of 60 mins. You can see the duration of the courses on the App or the website.
  • Are there set times that I have to be online for the courses? No, you can complete the training at your own convenience.
  • Are certificates available? At this stage, certificates are only available in our UFS Academy App. Upon completion of a UFS Academy online training on the app, you can receive a certificate endorsed by SA Chefs. 
  • Can I follow UFS Academy training from a computer? You can sign up  and access free video training from our UFS Academy site.
  • Are the courses available in other languages? 
    • On the UFS Academy App, courses are only availble in English. 
    • On the UFS Academy site, some trainings offer subtitles in other languages. Other languages are not available for all trainings. Please watch the tutorial video below to unlock subtitles in another language  for the UFS Academy Site.

Tutorial for UFS Academy Site

  • How do I sign up for UFS Academy on site? Register yourself by creating a free account on site.
  • How do I change the language of subtitles on site? Please watch this tutorial video:

Learn how to change the subtitle language of a video on the UFS Academy site


Tutorial for UFS Academy App

  • Where do I find the app? On the Google Play store or the Apple Store. UFS Academy is not available on the Huawei AppGallery.
  • Do I need data to download the UFS Academy App? Yes, this will require you to download an App on your mobile via  Google Play or Apple Store.
  • I do not have a smartphone or computer to download the UFS Academy App, what else can I do? You can sign up  and access free video training from our UFS Academy site.
  • How do I sign up on the UFS Academy App?  Please download the UFS Academy app and follow the instructions from our tutorial video below:

Learn to sign up and open your account in the UFS Academy App


  • I don’t have a business , what do I fill in the job title block of the registration form? You can put in n.a.
  • I am a student , what do I fill in the job title block of the registration form? You can input "student" as your profession
  • How do I set up a team the UFS Academy App?  Follow the instructions from our tutorial video below:

Learn how to set up your team on the UFS Academy App


  • How do I start a training and get a certificate? Follow the instructions from our tutorial video below.

Learn how to start a training and get a certificate


  • How do I make a payment and receive invoices? Follow the instructions from our tutorial video below.

Learn how to make a payment and receive an invoice in the UFS Academy App


  • Do I have to pay for certificates? No, they are issued via email to you for free once you have completed the quiz and passed.