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Vegetarian Sides Playlist_1. Sauerkraut side dish _UFSAcademy


1. Sauerkraut side dish

Create Sauerkraut, a deliciously sour side-dish full of crunch. Chef Young guides you through the simple method and fermentation period for this zesty condiment.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_2. Paratha Bread Part 1 _UFSAcademy


2. Paratha Bread Part 1

Learn your first Indian bread starting with parathas - a popular pan-fried North Indian flatbread. Knead, roll and flip your way to parathas perfection!

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_3. Paratha Bread Part 2 _UFSAcademy


3. Paratha Bread Part 2

Learn your first Indian bread starting with parathas - a popular pan-fried North Indian flatbread. Knead, roll and flip your way to parathas perfection!

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_4. Korean Kimchi _UFSAcademy


4. Korean Kimchi

Learn how to create the Korean fermented classic: cabbage kimchi, with techniques on how to brine and ferment for truly authentic results.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_5. Making the perfect dough _UFSAcademy


5. Making the perfect dough

Watch this step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect dough in preparation for making black udon noodles.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_6. Transforming your dough into noodles _UFSAcademy


6. Transforming your dough into noodles

Learn the importance of a few basic techniques to create perfect noodles every time, including tips for rolling and hand-cutting noodles into the desired shape and texture.

7. Vegetarian Sides Playlist - Cauliflower Salad


7. Cauliflower Salad

Working with a rectangular dish and monochromatic tones, Chef Coetzee shows the plate-up of a cauliflower salad. Experiment with visualising your dish before you plate and creating exciting plates.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_8. Mushrooms Escabeche Ingredients_UFSAcademy


8. Mushrooms Escabeche Ingredients

Learn the ingredients for this fresh approach to escabeche – an ancient and traditional preserving method. This recipe combines some fresh additions from edamame beans to ricotta.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_9. Mushroom Escabeche Plating_UFSAcademy


9. Mushroom Escabeche Plating

Chef Vusi plates the escabeche and lends insight into wabi sabi – plate without overthinking and consider the purpose of each element.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_10. Ratatouille_UFSAcademy


10. Ratatouille

You’ve seen the film, now make the dish. The nutritious vegetable stew in this video is packed with everything from courgettes to eggplant.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_11. Dahl_UFSAcademy


11. Dahl

Follow chef Vusi’s steps to make the perfect dahl to go on the side of any dish.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_12. Fruit Compote_UFSAcademy


12. Fruit Compote

It can be tricky to know how to cook fruit, in this video Chef Vsui simplifies the steps to guide as through making a wonderful fruit compote.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_13. French Fries_UFSAcademy


13. French Fries

Who doesn’t love French fries! Make your own French fries with chef Vusi by watching this video.

Vegetarian Sides Playlist_14. Vegetable Side_UFSAcademy


14. Vegetable Side

It’s important you include vegetables in your everyday meals. Watch chef Vusi to learn how to add simple ingredients to make them more flavoursome and easier to swallow

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