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Choux Pastry

  • Water 250.0 ml
  • Flour, all-purpose 250.0 g
  • Salt 1.0 g
  • Eggs, large (class A)(4no), beaten 4.0 pc
  • Butter 85.0 g

Creme Patissiere

Chocolate dipper profiteroles filled with delicious crème patissere makes for a great dessert or sweet snack.



  1. Choux Pastry

    20 minutes
    • In a pot over high heat, bring the butter and water to the boil.
    • Add the flour and a pinch of salt and stir with a spatula. The mix will form a ball and come away from the sides of the pot.
    • Continue cooking the mixture for 3 minutes, stirring continuously.
    • Transfer mixture (dough) to a mixing bowl. Using a paddle beater, beat until cool.
    • Add the eggs slowly to the mixture whilst beating, scraping down the sides occasionally.
    • Place mixture in a piping bag fitted with a round nozzle and pipe onto oven trays with grease-proof paper.
    • Bake at 200˚C for 20 minutes. Remove from oven.
  2. Creme Patissiere

    10 minutes
    • Bring milk to the boil.
    • In a bowl, mix together egg yolks and sugar. Add in the custard powder.
    • Pour the milk over the yolk mixture and whisk.
    • Place back in the pot and cook, whisking continuously for 10 minutes. Mixture should be thick.
    • Whisk in the butter, NOT OVER THE HEAT
  3. Assemble:

    • Melt chocolate over a double boiler until smooth.
    • Pipe crème pâtissière into the centre of the choux pastry balls and dip in melted chocolate to finish