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Take 4 ambitious Chefs, 1 wise mentor and a generous helping of unbridled passion. Mix in a few cups of experimentation, a dollop of creativity and stir through. Sprinkle a dusting of humour and place in oven to cook. The result? A series of inspiring videos that are as addictive as a packet of Pringles.

This is Chefs Who Share, a platform on which 4 young and determined Chefs share their passion and love for food, while also sharing exciting and inspiring new recipes, techniques and ideas. Guiding them on their path to food glory is Chef Craig Elliott, a man with many years of experience and a deep well of food knowledge.

Together, this band of Chefs will learn about each other, and the value of teamwork, while inspiring you to experiment with desserts, spices, digital cooking, vegan food and more.

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