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Of the 4 ambitious Chefs who feature on Chefs Who Share, Kim is the one most invested in vegan cooking. There is nothing that makes her happier than experimenting with various vegan ingredients. Just mention the word Aquafaba and you’ll be amazed at her instant excitement. We spent a few minutes 

It all started for me at 10. The first programme I remember watching was Nigella Lawson. She was making this beautiful chocolate concoction and I told my mom straight away that I wanted to do that. She encouraged me and from then on, I pretty much immersed myself in food.

My mom and Nigella Lawson. Nigella is beautiful. I mean who wakes up at 3 am to make a bacon sandwich? You know?

I just love playing with food. There is so much love and effort that goes into the final dish, and I really appreciate that. It’s great getting people’s reaction to my food, it makes me feel that all the effort has been worth it. You put a piece of yourself on the plate when you cook. It’s a representation of you. 

I tried to be a vegan for a week. It was lovely. And then I saw a plate of ribs. That was the end of that. I started experimenting with vegan cooking after an assignment at school. When I immersed myself in it, I realized how interesting and exciting it was. I mean, who would have thought that Aquafaba (chickpea water) gives you the same consistency as whipped egg whites. I love that!

I love our team. The vibe is really great. There is always someone cracking a joke. It’s a good work environment to be part of. There is this whole Chef lingo we have that makes me giggle. You might say: “Please open this can”. We will say: "Open me." This is the understanding we have. 

Shanice is always up for a laugh. Even when she is doing her desserts, she has a huge smile on her face. Sne is always there. She has such a huge personality. Akhil is the joker; he's got lines for days!

They call me Kim Dish. Chef Craig started it. I have no idea why. I told him: “No Chef – we can’t roll with this name, what’s Kim Dish?” He just ignored me and carried on! 

Currently, it’s my pilaf. It’s a Mediterranean and Indian pilaf that everyone is in love with. And my petit fours. It’s vegan chocolate mousse, salted caramel, a sponge cake and mirror glaze. I was so proud of them and got such great feedback. People couldn’t believe it was totally vegan!

I would say my spice … for life! I just try give a little bit extra. It’s my extra-ness.

I am very artsy. And I am so interested in molecular gastronomy, although I haven’t yet had a chance to try it out. I’ve made a portrait of Madiba from ground coffee. Creativity inspires me. I think Chefs like Heston Blumenthal are amazing. They work with a mixture of science and creativity. 

Nigella, Heston and probably Gordon Ramsay. Although I would worry he would swear at me all the time. And I don’t do well in tense situations. I always laugh when I shouldn’t. So that probably wouldn’t go down too well!

I cook on weekends – my mom cooks mainly. I like going out a lot. But if I have to dish up at home for my family I won’t just plonk veggies on the plate. I’ll put a ramekin there and a little bit of sauce. My family will ask me why I am acting so extra and I tell them I am a Chef – this is what we do! I am not going to be nasty with my food at home.