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Travel, conferencing and events are at the heart of the hospitality industry, so when the pandemic changed the world, the industry appeared uncertain. But the hospitality industry is resilient and already adapting. As we reopen our hotels and B&Bs, there is a renewed appetite for organising events – how are occasions adapting in the new normal? Let’s look at the leading global protocols for the new normal for hospitality events and occasions.

Creating an Omnichannel Experience

Our industry needs to start thinking differently when it comes to viewing face-to-face and digital meeting formats or channels. We should not be comparing one channel over another, as no one channel is a replacement for another. It is about looking at a channel’s engagement and how you can extend your reach and grow your audience. In some cases, digital events have proven to increase attendance at physical events.

Ensuring Safe Events

Delicious food is one of the things guests, event and conference-goers most look forward to. With the strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place, how do conferencing venues and establishments adapt?

  • Grab-and-go meals will replace buffets as the standard and this is no different for how you serve events. Personalise the experience even further with a thank-you note!
  • Your grab-and-go meals can also become more than just the standard breakfast or lunch meal. Why not try add local snack packs and make the grab-and-go an occasion in itself.
  • Insulated lunch bags, like those served in a Chicago hotel can be offered earlier and keep your guests happier for longer.
  • Single use is safe use. From teas to condiments, using single-use products are another way to show you care about hygiene. Why not try Joko’s Black Tea which are hygienic in individually enveloped teabags.
  • Create water/soft drink protocols where a guest is given a refillable bottle for water. This is an opportunity to upsell to the event organiser and create a keepsake for the guests.
  • Create a line flowchart and implement it with marked lines and areas – this way you can serve more guests while keeping to international and local hygiene standards.
  • Create a QR menu that is scannable instead of traditional menus. There are free tools to help you create a QR code, generate your own QR menu in a click!
  • Check-in stations can also be strategically placed to break up long lines and promote social distancing, while ID scanning can reduce the need to physically interact.

Remember to Sanitise

Remember that it’s always been important to keep establishments clean and hygienic. If you’re like most restaurant owners, then you’ve always worked hard to make sure that your restaurant is clean, safe, and healthy. After all, hygiene and food safety means maintaining a clean environment.

Today, because of COVID-19, good hygiene is more important than ever. As you probably know, our normal hygiene routines need to be stepped up in order to keep everyone safe. You should focus on the following:

Step 1: Apply Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Liquid on the palm of one hand.

Step 2: Rub hands together.

Step 3: Cover all surfaces including between your fingers, under and top of your nails. Let it dry completely before touching other surfaces.

Your staff should sanitise their hands before and after preparing food, and after handling gloves or masks. Also post signs about hand hygiene prominently in your establishment. This will also signal to your guests that you are serious about hygiene.

At the end of the day, as a hospitality community, we are all committed to delighting guests and doing what we love. We will all get through this together and be better for it! For more ideas, check out our room service and breakfast buffet ideas for the new normal.