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Little changes have a big impact. Start your change at the sauce with Knorr Professional. Our new-look range allows you to make delicious, consistent, sauces that taste as good as scratch in minutes. With a clean label, real ingredients*, and reduced salt content*, there is not much more you could want from your sauce.

No MSG Added

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavour enhancer that provides an umami flavour to intensify the savoury and meaty flavour of foods. Interestingly, MSG occurs naturally in our bodies and in many types of food, including mushrooms, tomatoes, grapes and cheeses. In 1908, a Japanese professor extracted monosodium glutamate from a seaweed broth and determined that it was responsible for the savoury taste of the broth. Professor Kikunae Ikeda patented his discovery, and commercial production began soon thereafter.

Although the US Food and Drug Administration considers the addition of MSG foods to be “generally recognised as safe”, many consumers believe it is harmful and would prefer not to eat the commercial version.

That’s why the Knorr Professional dry sauce range is free from added MSG.

Sustainably Sourced Spices

We at Knorr Professional know the importance of sustainability. Sustainable cooking is great for your dishes, and even better for the world we share.

We are proud to say that as many as possible of the ingredients used to make up the Knorr Professional range of dry sauces are sustainably sourced**, which we know is important to you and your diners.

Embrace sustainable and diverse cooking with Knorr Professional.

*Applies to Knorr Professional Mushroom Sauce Powder, Knorr Professional Roast Onion Gravy Powder and Knorr Professional Cheese Sauce Powder.