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Our Chefs understand that you want to spend more time creating exciting dishes and less time making a classic sauce, which is why they have crafted and refined a range of sauces that are simple and quick to make – as well as tasting as good as scratch too!

The new-look Knorr Professional dry sauce range contains real ingredients* and reduces preparation time into just 12 minutes or less, with maximum flavour. These sauces are versatile base sauces that allow you to add your signature touch.

In fact, here we’ll show you just how versatile our sauces are - with just one sauce, you can create at least five, delicious derivatives.

Five Ways With Knorr Professional White Sauce Base:

Five Ways With Knorr Professional Demi-Glace Base:

Save time with Knorr Professional. Click on each pack to learn more.

Knorr Professional Jus:

Cooks in 12 minutes.