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When Robertsons launched their brand new, all-natural spice range (now GMO-free, Non-irradiated and no MSG added), they gathered 10 of South Africa’s top Chefs and whisked them off to a surprise pop-up Spice Farm. The goal? To show them that Robertsons has aligned itself to what Chefs want – namely a return to more natural ingredients.

Robertsons has a long heritage in South Africa, and since 1924 has been helping Chefs add beautiful flavour and colour to their dishes. So it was no surprise that when celebrating the new spice range, old memories surfaced: memories of the Chefs’ first encounter with Robertsons spices. From the beautiful surrounds of Avondale Wine Estate, Chefs recalled fond, warm memories of cooking and sharing special times with loved ones and Robertsons Spices.

Our Chefs not only remembered the first time they encountered Robertsons Spices, but also the most memorable dishes they made with the range. Robertsons has a special place in the hearts (and recipe books) of many of these Chefs, which makes us at Unilever Food Solutions very happy indeed!

Watch the Chefs take a journey back in time, here!


Dion Ventagass
Executive Sous Chef at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel


Xanthos Giannakopoulos
Chef Business Consultant


Ash Heeger
Owner and Chef at the Riverine Rabbit


James Khoza
Executive Chef at the Sandton Sun Hotel and
President of the South African Chefs’ Association


Jocelyn Myers-Adams
Executive Chef of the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town


Ziyaad Brown
Executive Sous Chef at the Silo


Malika van Reenen
Executive Chef at Signal Restaurant at the Cape Grace


Moyzill Baatjies
Head Pastry Chef at Arabella in Hermanus