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If there is one thing the launch event of Robertson’s new, all-natural spice range proved, it’s that Chefs need reliable, quality ingredients when they cook.

Ten of South Africa’s top Chefs were whisked off to the Robertsons Pop Up Spice Estate, where they were invited to compete in a cook-off, designed to showcase the purity of Robertsons new spice range, which is GMO-free, Non-irradiated and contains no MSG added.

The Chefs banded together to showcase why they are considered SA’s best, and soon the kitchen was a hive of activity. With massive time constraints and a limited ingredient list, the Chefs were required to draw on their years of experience, wells of creativity and the flavour of Robertsons spices to make some truly astonishing dishes, with some incredible spice pairings. We couldn’t believe the quality of food that was being put out in such a short time. It was jaw-droppingly good!

The Chefs didn’t have to think twice about adding Robertsons spices to their creations – they knew they could rely on the purity of flavour and colour each spice provided. Which is one of the many benefits of Robertsons Spices. When cooking is pressured (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much all the time), Chefs need ingredients they can rely on. Ingredients that consistently provide big flavour and deep colour to dishes. Robertsons is proud to provide Chefs with products that offer such versatility and reliability; spices that take food from good to great. The results from the cook-off – beautifully flavoured dishes – proved that.

Check out the Chefs and spices in action here!