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What better way to explore the flavours of the new Robertsons spice formulations than by pairing them with indigenous plants plucked from the wilderness?

When Robertsons Spices launched their new spice formulations last year (non-irradiated, GMO free, no MSG added), they ran a competition for Chefs to win a wild foraging experience with renowned forager Roushanna Gray, from Veld and Sea.

Eight lucky Chefs from around the country won the experience and were soon travelling to the remote but beautiful Good Hope Gardens Nursery in the Cape Point.

Here, Chefs were led on an exciting wild foraging experience, where they were able to pick and sample edible wild flowers, weeds, shoots and roots, and then create delicious dishes with the indigenous ingredients and Robertsons Spices over wood and gas fires.

Some of the foraged plants included wild mint, Lemon Pelargonium, Garlic buchu and Porkbush. Dishes made by the Chefs included a green salad with Porkbush, wild flowers, savoury herbs and a fynbos vinaigrette; fire flatbread with wild garlic, petals and herbs; butternut soup with wild garlic; wild kebabs with ostrich, wild fruit and a wild herb basting sauce; and floral canapés with seasonal vegetables, fruit and edible flowers.

The dishes were paired beautifully with Robertsons Veggie SeasoningRobertsons Mixed Herbs, Robertsons Cinnamon, Robertsons White and Robertsons Black Pepper and Robertsons Paprika.

“There is flavour, food and medicine all around us,” said Roushanna Gray, founder of Veld and Sea and wild food innovator. “We just have to learn to recognise it.”

“Showcasing South Africa’s local edible plant culture is important to me, so it’s wonderful to take Chefs on this journey and show them how the use of indigenous plants can add a whole new dimension to their cooking.”

For Robertsons Spices, the event perfectly demonstrated the ethos behind the new spice formulations. Non-irradiated, free from GMOs and with no MSG added, the new formulations were created to meet the needs of health-conscious diners.

Although it is safe, not all consumers love the idea of irradiation – even though the product is left free from all irradiation energy. So, we looked at other ways to decontaminate foods – ways that many people would prefer. This is why we have chosen to steam-sterilise our new spice range.

Eating clean (food free from additives) is seen as an investment in a healthy lifestyle, which many people are wholeheartedly embracing. Chefs flavouring their foods with natural herbs and spices are therefore seen to be supporting this new-world order.

“Flavouring wild, indigenous plants with quality spices and herbs that are free from additives is just the perfect pairing,” said Roushanna Gray.

“Today was all about flavour and nature. There is no better way to cook than with indigenous ingredients and natural spices,” she concluded.

Check out the beautiful pictures from the day here!