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Naturally delicious, thick and creamy!

Exciting news! Hellmann’s Fine Whip Salad Cream is 100% vegan and free from artificial colourants!

At Hellmann’s we know that things like ingredient quality, food transparency and wellness are important to diners. Diners are also making ethical and moral decisions about the food they choose to consume, which is why we’ve reformulated Hellmann’s Fine Whip Salad Cream to be vegan- and health-friendly. Check out its benefits below!


  • It’s 100% vegan: now made with Pea Protein in place of Milk Protein. Pea Protein is a plant-based emulsifier which binds and brings a creamy texture to Hellmann’s Fine Whip.
  • It’s made with natural colourants.
  • Heat stable, can be used in hot applications.
  • Great for toasted sandwiches.
  • Double the thickness of a leading competitor.
  • Sweet flavour profile.
  • Thick and smooth with a slight sheen.

Now, your diners can enjoy the same great taste of Hellmann’s Fine Whip Salad Cream, with better ingredients.

Hellmann's Fine Whip Salad Cream 5kg

Hellmann’s Fine Whip Salad Cream has double the thickness of its leading competitors. With its light in colour, subtle pink note and balanced flavour profiles. It has a good gloss and sheen, creamy mouth feel and provides a consistent taste and texture.

100% vegan. 100% taste. Try the new Hellmann’s Fine Whip Salad Cream!
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