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It’s a growing global trend

Food habits are changing. More than ever before, diners care about what ingredients are being used to create the food they eat.

Veganism is a fast growing trend:

  • Google reports that searches for vegan food have steadily increased since 2014.
  • Google Trends reports a 7X growth in interest in vegan food from 2012 to 2017.
  • UK supermarket Tesco announced in 2018 that it was doubling its plant-based range to meet the growing demand for vegan food. In a year, sales of chilled vegan food soared by 25%.
  • At the beginning of 2019, Uber Eats stated that vegan food will be one of the biggest food trends for 2019.


At Hellmann’s, we like to give consumers what they want. That’s why we embrace transparency, ingredient quality and wellness.

Our range of products have the great Hellmann’s taste people have enjoyed for years, with fewer, better ingredients.

Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise: Made with real barn eggs.
Hellmann’s Tangy Mayonnaise: 100% vegan, with natural colourants.
Hellmann’s Fine Whip Salad Cream: 100% vegan with natural colourants.