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Chicken has so much to offer:

  • It's a tasty source of protein packed with essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.
  • It also has a lot of versatility, you can use it many different ways and in many different dishes.
  • Add it to a weight-loss eating plan and it helps regulate good cholesterol and blood pressure for the body.
  • As moms always say... chicken soup is good for the soul but did you know it also gives relief to common colds?

My customers enjoy chicken, and I understand why, so I make sure I serve up what they love.


As a Chef I have always found chicken to be the easiest and most convenient protein to work with in a deli kitchen. There's so much I can do with chicken!

  • Roasting is a customer favourite.
  • Grilling keeps me serving healthy meals.
  • Frying is quick, easy and always delicious.
  • Stewing is hearty, it reminds customers of home and allows me to make my all-time favourite chicken curry.


It's hard to have a favourite when the entire chicken offers so much... and here's why I love the whole chicken!

  • One of my passions is creating succulent dishes using the chicken breast fillet, the white meat of the chicken, this part is also known as the supreme cut of the chicken.
  • The leg quarter or drumstick and thigh is the darkest part of the chicken and for me it's the juiciest part. I use these pieces for stews.
  • The wing is delicious in flavour and texture and busy customers enjoy it as an on-the-go snack. Wings are best deep fried in Knorr Chicken Breading and tossed through Knorr Sweet Chilli Sauce for a crunchy tasty snack.
  • Chicken feet or walkies are a common delicacy in countries all over the world! Many people call this part of the chicken exotic and they also have an advantage of offering a range of health benefits.
  • One of the most popular dishes in South Africa is Peri-Peri chicken livers, this is a menu must have.
  • Another all time favourite for deli customers is chicken liver pâté, it adds an extra touch to meals, and serving it also means less wastage for your deli.
  • The giblets, intestines and neck are some of the most cost effective parts of the chicken and can be made into a delicious wholesome meal when cooked as a stew.

Now you know why it's so hard to choose one favourite...  it's impossible when chicken is totally delicious!