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Italian is one of the most favoured and popular cuisines in South Africa, loved across cultures and by both young and old. This can clearly be seen when you consider the number of successful stand-alone eateries aiming to offer authentic Italian dishes! Along with the traditional rich and wonderfully robust flavours that our nation can’t get enough of, the eating of Italian food also inspires feelings of nostalgia and of coming home.

Since South African diners are highly familiar with tomato-flavoured menu items – from pasta to pizza, soups to salads and hearty stews – it is vital that this authentic Italian flavour is captured in every dish.

We get that not all kitchens in South Africa have Italian chefs at the pass, but it's still necessary to plate up the authentic flavours your diners have been craving. This can be a challenge! That's why we want to help you bring the most important Italian ingredient – fresh, plump and juicy Italian tomatoes directly to your diners. With Knorr Tomato Pronto you'll be free to switch your focus because you trust your ingredients. Let's bring authenticity to the table this season, Chef. Your tomatoes make the Italian difference. Da La Mia Casa - an Authentic Italian Story.