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As a chef, knowing your ingredients is critical to creating great tasting dishes – you consider what to add and when to add in order to make the right kind of difference. With tomato-based dishes this pressure stays on, so it’s important you know your tomatoes – don’t go red in the face chef, we have you covered!

Raw Tomatos


This dense Italian plum fruit is small, juicy and bursting with flavour. The freshest plum tomatoes can be found in Pronto, canned within 24 hours of hand picking for the most authentic Italian taste. Their low moisture content gives them extended fresh storage time, and gives your kitchen winning options for pizza toppings.


'Roasting Vine' Tomatoes are heavy paste, sweet tomatoes that make an excellent sauce especially when roasted.


'San Marzano' produces relatively dry tomatoes, making them awesome ingredients for tomato-based sauces.


'Piccolini' Tomatoes are a wonderful blush red colour, balanced between sweet and savory flavours – making them ideal for salads, pizza toppings, and finger snacks.

Salad Tomatos


'Salad Tomatoes' form 5 – 7.5 cm diameter fruit, perfect for slicing up on sandwiches or chopping into salads. They're usually a little tarter and juicier if compared to cherry tomatoes or beefsteak tomatoes, with some acid balancing their sweetness. Some salad tomatoes even have undertones of tropical fruits. Salad tomatoes make a great quick tomato sauce, but if they're really juicy you'll have to cook them down to the right consistency. You can also combine different sizes and colours for appealing presentations.


'Black Zebra' Tomatoes are similar to Green Zebra tomatoes, except they have deep, purple-black flesh and red streaks, and provides great flavour for season-to-season salads.


'Sweet Cluster' Tomatoes are one of the tomatoes that provide a perfect balance between sweetness, tartness, and tomato flavour.


'Roasting Vine' Tomatoes are known to be deliciously sweet, and great when roasted, sautéed, or cooked.

Cherry and Grape Tomatos


'Cherry' and 'Grape' Tomatoes are tiny tomatoes and are usually less than 2.5cm. Cherry and Grape Tomatoes grow in large clusters and are perfect for salads with their balanced acidic and sweet notes.


'Rosa' Tomatoes are a scrumptious, abounding cherry tomato with an unforgettable sweetness to them, perfect for salads, toppings, or snacking.


'Nava' Tomatoes are both green and red in colour with a true tomato taste, for a wonderfully juicy fresh or roasted salad.


'Rosalini' Tomatoes are a beautiful yellow cherry tomato with orange streaks through the flesh, they are very sweet and fruity making them a perfect addition to a colourful summer salad.

There are so many tomatoes that you can incorporate into your dish, Chef, and yet not all of the tomatoes your dishes need are available in South Africa all year round … That’s why you can simplify your chef life and serve authentic, healthy tomato-based dishes using the ripened to perfection, consistently available, all year round – Knorr Tomato Pronto. It’s time to worry not, while serving up the best.

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