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Ah, Valentine’s Day. A time to proclaim your love, eat chocolate and indulge in all things sentimental. But it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to offer your customers something spectacular. 

Here are 5 simple ways to celebrate togetherness and romance at your restaurant this Valentine’s Day:

Romantic Valentine’s Day Desserts

1. Romantic Desserts 

There’s always room for dessert, especially on Valentine’s Day… particularly when you’re using Carte d’Or. Save on staff skills, prep time and costs with the Carte d’Or range of versatile base desserts that make the perfect, consistent base to add your signature flavour. 

End your diners’ meal on a sweet note with these Valentine’s Day dessert ideas that are sure to make them fall in love all over again:

Create a romantic ambiance

2. Love Is In The Air/ Set The Mood 

This day is all about the extra romantic ambiance. It may seem cheesy, but your customers would love to see a jazzed-up restaurant featuring the colours of love. Keep it simple (and affordable) with red, pink and white touches through flowers, napkins or table confetti.  

Flowers like roses, carnations and even daisies symbolize love and add to the feeling of romance. As an extra special touch, place individual roses or chocolates wrapped in red foil on each table and dim the lights to create the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day dinner (or first date). 

What you can do with a heart-shaped cookie cutter

3. Made With Love

It’s amazing what you can do with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and mould. Something as plain as mashed potato can take on a whole new look with the help of some food colouring and a mould. Think of ideas like:

  • Heart-shaped watermelon.
  • Heart-shaped iced biscuits.
  • Use icing sugar and a stencil to add romance to the buffet.
  • Pie toppings featuring hearts made from pastry.
A oneoff Valentine’s Day menu

4. Words of Romance

Make your restaurant feel more intimate and special with a one-off Valentine’s Day menu. Include romantic quotes and Valentine’s Day dishes to evoke a sense of fun and romance. Oysters for starters, anyone?

Music is the language of love

5. L Is For The Way You Look At Me

They say music is the language of love, so why not set the scene with some light jazz music and well-chosen classics from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole or Michael Bublé to set the mood for romance.

By making small changes to your menu and restaurant décor, serving up plates of love this Valentine’s Day has never been easier. Small touches go a long way!